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What are some popular perfume notes for different seasons?

What are some popular perfume notes for different seasons?

Popular Perfume Notes for Different Seasons

Perfumes are evolving constantly. Depending on the season, different notes can become popular. The following are some of the most popular perfume notes for each season.


  • Citrus Blossoms: Citrus blossom notes create a light and refreshing fragrance of oranges, limes, and other citrus fruits.
  • Floral Notes: Floral notes like jasmine, rose, and gardenia evoke the freshness of spring and create an overall fresh and alluring scent.
  • Green Notes: This is a timeless note that is usually combined with other notes such as citrus or herbal. It can be anything from vetiver to bamboo to create a greenness.


  • Aquatic Notes: This type of scent transports us to a beach or a pool, with notes of sea spray, salt, and seaweed.
  • Fruity Notes: During summer, we often see perfumes with a sweet and fruity twist. Think pineapple, mango, or coconut.
  • Citrus Notes: A classic summer note; whatever time you choose to wear it, citrus will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.


  • Spicy Notes: Spicy notes such as cardamom, pepper, clove and cinnamon can add a warm and comforting feeling to any scent.
  • Amber Notes: This comforting note can be found in many blends during fall; it is usually created with a combination of woody and vanilla nuances to give a rich depth.
  • Oriental Notes:

  • Vanilla Notes:

  • Warm Woods:

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