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Understanding the Ingredients Used in Perfume Cloning

Understanding the Ingredients Used in Perfume Cloning

Understanding the Ingredients Used in Perfume Cloning

Perfume cloning is a process whereby scientists and perfumers try to recreate designer fragrances. It is often used by smaller business when creating counterfeit perfumes as an alternative to actually developing a new scent from scratch. But what are the specific ingredients used in perfume cloning and how are they used? Let’s take a look.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are at the heart of perfume cloning and make up the bulk of any fragrance. The smell comes from complex mixtures of volatile organic compounds that are extracted from plants using processes such as distillation, expression and solvent extraction. Each essential oil has its own unique smell, and they can be combined to make completely new scents.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are synthetic compounds that have been designed to match or closely resemble the aroma of natural essential oils. This means they can be used to recreate the smell of certain plants that are hard to extract or even impossible to find. Fragrance oils are also usually much cheaper than natural essential oils, so it’s often more cost-effective for manufacturers of counterfeit perfumes to use them.


Fixatives help to reduce the volatility of fragrances, making them last longer and smell stronger over time. These compounds are usually synthetic and include compounds like petroleum jelly, alcohol and musk. They work by ‘fixing’ the fragrance onto surfaces such as skin, so that it doesn’t evaporate away as quickly.


Finally, carriers are usually blended with fragrances to help them disperse evenly on skin or clothes. They also ensure that when mixed with oils, fragrances stay mixed together so that they don’t separate into distinct layers – an issue commonly known as “drawing”. Carriers are usually made up of natural plant oils like jojoba, almond or coconut oil.

Now that you know what goes into perfume cloning, you can start exploring different scents for yourself! To begin, try combining some essential oils and fragrance oils with a few drops of fixatives and carriers – you never know what interesting new scent you might come across!
Good luck!

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