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The Use of Green Notes in Perfume Creation

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The Use of Green Notes in Perfume Creation

Perfumes are built upon a combination of notes including base notes, middle notes, and top notes. Together, these notes create a unique scent that resonates with consumers and linger on their skin. A fourth layer, the green note, is often forgotten in the creation of perfume, though it can be just as vital to the scent.

What is a Green Note?

A green note is often a nature-derived scent such as herbs, green plants, foliage, stemware and leaves like galbanum, black pepper or tomato leaf. It is classified as a top note in perfumery because its delicate scent is volatile and fleeting. However, green notes provide a certain “zing” and can contribute to the longevity of a perfume’s top notes.

Benefits of Using Green Notes in Perfume

  • Freshness: Green notes in perfume provide an exhilarating sensation of freshness and serve to anchor lighter elements with earthier undertones.
  • Soft Sensuality: Green notes add a soft sensuality to perfume, combining subtly earthy floral scents like jasmine hybrid with light musky scents.
  • Eco-Friendly: The majority of green notes used in perfumery come from natural sources making these scents more ecological friendly than synthetic formulations.

Examples of Popular Perfumes with a Green Note

Green notes in perfumery are becoming more popular as manufacturers strive to make the most eco-friendly possibles products:

  • Calvin Klein Escape: This men’s fragrance combines mandarin orange and apple with rosemary, sandalwood and extract from cactus flowers.
  • Dolce and Gabanna Pour Femme: This fragrance for women contains neroli, lily of the valley and iris, along with ivy leaves; all combined for an intensely fresh scent.
  • Aqua di Gioia: Arguably the most popular Giorgio Armani scent made with green tea leaves and brown sugar accord brings together intensity of floral scents with citrus elements.

Green notes offer something special to perfumes by introducing a sense of freshness to ordinary fragrance. Manufacturers should continue to innovate in this area and experiment further with different ways to incorporate natural scents into their perfumes.

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