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The subtlety of Tea Perfume Notes

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The Subtlety of Tea Perfume Notes

Tea perfume notes offer an array of subtle aromas that can be used to craft stunning perfume blends. Generally tea-based perfume notes are delicate and light, yet can provide a wonderful backdrop for complex perfumes. Here we explain the subtlety of tea perfume notes.

The Benefits of Tea Perfume

Teas are known for their subtle and delicate aroma- they are nowhere near as robust and powerful when compared to other perfume ingredients and scents. This makes them great additions in to perfume recipes and can add depth and character to a scent.

  • Soft Aromas:Tea based perfumes emit soft and subtle aromas that pair well with other ingredients.
  • Uninterrupted:When using tea based perfumes, there’s no real risk of interrupting and overpowering other included ingredients.
  • Lightness:Tea based perfumes last on the skin, but are considered lighter and more airy than other perfumes.

Types of Tea Perfume Notes

There isn’t just one type of tea available for perfume making, instead there is a wide array of options to choose from, each one offering something unique and distinct.

  • Oolong Tea:Slightly sweet and surprisingly creamy, this note has hints of tart blackberry and cream.
  • Green Tea:A fresh, herbal tone provide an uplifting aroma to green tea scents.
  • Chamomile:Warm and soothing, this note is often used in delicate floral bouquets for a calming effect.

Final Thought

Tea notes make fantastic additions to all sorts of perfumes and by capitalising upon their subtlety you can discover some truly unique blends. Consider the type of fragrance you want to create and then select the corresponding tea to start crafting your own unique scents.

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