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The Freshness of Fougère Perfume Notes

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The Freshness of Fougère Perfume Notes

Perfumes often contain a combination of notes for a multi-dimensional scent. In the world of perfumery, no combination is more favored than Fougère, an alluring yet complex light fragrance that, when done right, can be a timeless classic.

What is the Fougère family?

The term “Fougère” describes a family of fragrances where the main accord is derived from a harmonious blend of coumarin, lavender, bergamot and oakmoss. Generally speaking, these are fresh spicy notes that come together to create a slightly sweet and woody scent. Fougère perfumes typically have an herbal, crisp top note that is followed by an earthy leather-like dry down that lasts long on the skin. It’s the perfect option for summer months when the heat of summer calls for a refreshing sunscreen.

Fragrance Notes

Each unique Fougère perfume has its own set of notes that contribute to its overall scent. Below is a breakdown of some of the common notes in Fougère fragrances:

  • Bergamot: A zesty citrus note that adds a hint of warmth and depth to the scent.
  • Lavender: A sweet and aromatic herbaceous note that comes in varying levels of intensity depending on the fragrance.
  • Coumarin:A sweet, powdery note with subtle hints of vanilla and honey.
  • Oakmoss: A rich and earthy note described as mossy and leathery with subtle smoky undertones.

Complex Fresh Fragrance

Fougère perfumes combine all these disparate notes into a complex harmony of freshness and aroma. The resulting scent is light yet audacious, sophisticated and subtle all at once. Thanks to its refined nature, Fougère fragrances are beloved by both men and women — and have been since it was first invented by perfumer Paul Parquet in 1882.

It’s no wonder Fougère fragrances have stood the test of time; their combination of captivating notes has made them one of the most enduring perfumery families through centuries!

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