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How to Tell if a Perfume is a Clone

How to Tell if a Perfume is a Clone

How to Tell if a Perfume is a Clone

Clones of designer fragrances are becoming increasingly popular. While most of these clones are legitimate products, be aware that there are counterfeit perfumes being sold as well. Knowing how to identify the difference between a true perfume and a clone can help you save time and money when shopping for a luxury fragrance.

Look at the Packaging

In most cases, imitations of designer fragrances will come in packaging that is slightly different than the original. It is important to look out for slight discrepancies between the packaging of the fragrance and the original. Besides color and font differences, check for details such as any engravings or embossed lettering, which are common on higher end perfumes. Additionally, look at any logos or images used on the bottle; counterfeiters often print their own copies, which may be blurry or off-center.

Examine the Label and Bottle

Most counterfeits will not have all of the signature features of luxury perfumes, including stickers or engraved logo caps. Typically, genuine fragrances also feature an age verification sticker – familiarize yourself with these so you can spot fakes easily. Also look out for faulty spelling or grammar that wouldn’t pass an original manufacturer’s quality standards.

Check for Advertising Gimmicks

Be wary of discounted prices, especially when accompanied by phrases such as “limited time only” or “discounted price”. Additionally, unauthorized online retailers may offer rate discounts on gifts and baskets with multiple bottles of a scent. Keep in mind that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Smell it Out!

The best way to tell if a perfume is a clone is by smelling it out. Imitations often lack the complex layers of other designer fragrances and have an overall artificial scent; they might also be missing notes such as rose, bergamot or sandalwood. Genuine perfumes will have a unique scent that evolves throughout the day; meanwhile, clone scents usually lose their staying power pretty quickly.

Tips for Avoiding Fake Perfumes:

  • Only purchase from authorized retailers. Just because a fragrance looks like something from a luxury brand, doesn’t mean it is. When possible, buy from brick-and-mortar stores only.
  • Be skeptical about low prices. If the cost for a bottle is substantially lower than it usually is, chances are it’s not real.
  • Pay close attention to details. Look at all aspects of packaging, including size, color and font.

Knowing how to spot fake fragrances can save you hassle and potential embarrassment. With these tips in mind, you can confidently find yourself a luxurious designer scent that won’t break the bank.

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