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How to make perfume dupes more long-lasting?

How to make perfume dupes more long-lasting?
When it comes to perfumes, many of us want to make sure that we don’t overspend on our favorite fragrances and often opt for “dupes”. A perfume dupe is a fragrance that is formulated to smell like a designer scent but is sold at a more affordable price. The downside of perfume dupes is that they tend to fade more quickly than the original. Here are some tips on how to make your dupes last longer.

1. Use a Fixative Agent:

A fixative agent can help extend the longevity of your perfume dupe by helping the scent molecules latch onto the skin longer. Many perfumery stores carry different types of fixatives, such as alcohol, glycerin, or propylene glycol, that are specifically designed to help ensure that your perfume lasts longer. When using a fixative agent, it’s important to note that a little goes a long way and only adding 1 or 2 drops should suffice for an entire bottle of fragrance.

2. Store Your Perfume Properly:

The environment you store your perfume in can have a huge impact on how long it lasts. It’s important to keep your perfume away from direct sunlight and any kind of heat source. Be sure to store your bottle in a cool, dark place like inside a closet or in a dark drawer. Also, it’s important to keep the bottle firmly sealed when not being used in order to ensure the integrity of the scent molecules.

3. Spritz on Appropriate Areas:

Where you spritz your dupe matters! Pulse points are areas where blood vessels are closest to the surface of your skin, meaning they’ll help keep your scent lasting longer throughout the day. These areas include behind the ears, inner wrists and elbows, chest, neck, and cleavage. For best results avoid oily areas like hair and clothes as they tend to absorb and break down your scent much more quickly than pulse points would.

4. Blend it Right:

When wearing a dupe, it’s best to start with a light layer before building up; this will allow you to determine how strong the scent stands up against wear and tear throughout the day. One trick you can use is avoiding spraying each layer directly onto your skin and instead spray it into the air and walk through for an even subtler effect. This way can help ensure that you won’t be too intoxicatingly perfumed but you are still wearing enough of layers where people have the chance of picking up those little secrets!

5. Include Oils in Your Combination:

Perfume oils contain base notes which stay close to skin for hours as opposed to alcohol-based scents which evaporate faster from skin thus needing more frequent touch ups! You may want to consider layering & diffusing essential oils with your dupes for utter longevity! Blending in oils with your fragrance not only makes the mixture last much longer but also locks in an inviting and lasting aroma!

By following these simple steps, you should be able to extend the longevity of your beloved dupes much more effectively! The key is creating layers which work together in harmony and allowing them to “come alive” as they meld with your natural body chemistry! Don’t forget other basics like sticking to recommended application locations, not storing in direct sunlight or high temperatures and making sure your bottles are tightly sealed when not being used! With these tips in hand, make dollops of dupes everyone’s envy when they linger out from long hugs & days out!

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