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How should I store my perfumes to ensure their longevity?

How should I store my perfumes to ensure their longevity?

How to Store Perfumes and Ensure Longevity

Nothing can ruin a signature scent like letting it go rancid. To ensure that your perfumes last, it is important to properly store them. Here is a guide on how to store your fragrances for the best smell and longevity:


Temperature control plays an important role in preserving the quality of your perfumes. It isn’t good to keep your fragrances directly exposed to the sun, and heat can alter the scent. Keep them away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters, or sunny spots. For best results, keep them in a cool and dry area.


Sunlight can cause certain components of your perfume to break down and degrade over time. When exposed to light, photosensitive molecules react, which leads to discoloration of the scent as well as a decrease in its staying power; therefore, you should store your perfumes in a dark place.


Humidity can damage both the smell and the lasting power of your perfume. Avoid keeping your fragrances in humid rooms such as a bathroom. It is best to keep them in an area with low humidity or in a cool closet that has good air circulation.


You may think that capping the bottle would help preserve its scent but this actually traps in air which will cause oxidation meaning that its ingredients start decaying. Leaving the cap off will also prevent pressure from being built up inside the bottle leading to leakage.

Preservation Techniques

To ensure that your perfumes last for a long time, here are some additional preservation techniques:

  • Spray the Bottle – Spraying some perfume from the bottle into the air and onto your clothes can actually help preserve it. This keeps oxygen out of the bottle which helps stop oxidation.
  • Store Upright – Make sure you store each fragrance upright so that you avoid adding excess liquid into its top note as this can change the scent.
  • Cover or Wrap Bottles – Often wrapping each bottle with tissue paper or using special glass stoppers to cover bottles when not in use can help preserve the smell.

By following these storage techniques, you should be able to ensure that your fragrances last for many years!

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