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How much perfume should I use?

How much perfume should I use?

How Much Perfume Should I Use?

Keeping your body smelling good and pleasant is ultimately a matter of personal preference, but the amount of perfume you should use can be tricky to determine. Using too much can overwhelm a room, or even cause skin irritation – so it’s good to know the right amount. Here are some tips to help guide you with the right scent levels.

Start Softly

If you are using an eau de parfum, focus on applying this to pulse points like your wrists, neck, and inner arms. These areas of your body tend to generate more heat and will help the scent to linger for longer. Applying directly to clothing is best avoided as it can cause staining. As for spritzing or spraying fragrance directly on your skin, or into the air then walking through the mist – here’s where it pays to use moderation and lighter applications, especially if you’re a newbie or unsure how much perfume is too much.

Follow the Pulse Points

Focus on two or three areas when it comes to the concentration of the fragrance. Where exactly should you apply it? Consider these pulse points:

  • Behind the Ears: Sensitive (and you won’t ruin fabric) as well as warm which helps heat up the scent particles.
  • The Inside of Your Wrists: Wiping when it comes to rubbing wrists together helps the scent bloom.
  • The Base of Your Neck: This creates a great launching point for fragrance regardless of whether you have long locks or shorter cropped hair.

It’s amazing how just a few small swipes of a fragrance can leave a lasting effect that will tantalize people into being reminded that you’ve passed them by. As tempting as it may be, look for signs that your overloading. Be aware if those around you start sneezing or if they give you disapproving glances- if so, then it may be time for a few less spritzes. Additionally, if you find yourself enjoying your perfume more than those around do, then you probably have a bit too much on!

Each perfume might require unique application techniques, so make sure to try out different methods when making use of yours! Keeping in mind that different tempos and blends will require different amounts of application. But whatever product you use and whichever way you choose to apply it, don’t forget that moderation is key to wearing any level of fragrance.

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