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How does one’s body chemistry affect the way a perfume smells?

How does one's body chemistry affect the way a perfume smells?

How Does One’s Body Chemistry Affect the Way a Perfume Smells?

It is no surprise that different scents may have vastly different effects on one person than another. This is because each individual has a unique body chemistry. In regards to fragrances, the way in which one’s body chemistry interacts with a perfume will have a major impact on how it smells and wears throughout the day.

The Right Chemistry

When trying to determine whether or not a certain scent appeals to you, it is essential to take into consideration the unique elements in your body. Factors such as sweat, skin type, and natural oils play a huge role in how a scent is perceived when spritzed on someone’s body. For example, dry skin tends to wear perfume “heavier” and for longer periods of time than someone with oily skin. Similarly, every person emits a different amount of oil and sweat, which can change the smell of the fragrance significantly.

Experimenting Is Key

Although body chemistry presents an obstacle in finding the perfect scent, experimenting is key in finding something that works well with your chemistry. Here are some tips to consider when exploring what smells good on your body:

  • Ask for Compliments from Friends: If you’re going out and want to test out a new fragrance, ask those around you for their honest opinions on how it smells.
  • Onion Bagel Test: Heat helps “activate” fragrances’ notes, so spray some perfume onto an onion bagel and see how it smells for 10-15 minutes afterward.
  • Cotton Swab Test: Take a cotton swab and dip it into the fragrance then apply it to your skin. See how lengthy the scent lasts and if it has any subtle changes throughout.

At the end of the day, discovering a great-smelling perfume all depends on finding one that meshes with, and compliments your individual body chemistry. Once you have figured out which notes are intensified or mellowed by your particular skin type, you can find something that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

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