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How do I store my perfume correctly?

How do I store my perfume correctly?

How do I store my perfume correctly?

Having the right fragrance to match your mood, outfits and occasions is essential. To keep all your perfumes smelling the best they can, proper storage should be followed with care. Here are some tips on how to store your perfumes correctly:

Keep temperatures stable

When storing perfumes, try to keep them at a consistent temperature, preferably not too hot/cold as extreme temperatures can affect the scent of the perfume. This means that you need to be selective when deciding where you put your perfumes. Kitchens and bathrooms may be too warm for effective storage; therefore you should place it somewhere away from direct sunlight and any other harsh sources of heat and cold.

Shield from light

Direct sunlight can quickly break down the ingredients found in your favorite perfumes and cause them to spoil much quicker over time. Therefore, it is important to choose the right place that shields your perfume from too much light exposure – like a medicine cabinet with shelf liners or simply on top of a dresser in your bedroom away from windows and other light sources.

Make sure the lids are secure

To avoid any spills or evaporation, make sure that each bottle has its cap tightly screwed on before you store it. Moreover, if you have sample-sized vials, it would be best if you place them in an airtight box that protects them from light exposure and temperature fluctuations.

Lay them Flat

Apart from the use of boxes and shelves, you may also store your perfumes by laying them flat so their internal components or liquids will not be mixed up and damaged. Not only does this help preserve the quality of your precious bits and pieces, it makes such items easier to find as well!

Following these tips when storing your perfumes will help ensure that they will smell good each time you spritz, giving you something to feel great about!

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