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How do I find a perfume that complements my natural scent?

How do I find a perfume that complements my natural scent?

How Do I Find a Perfume that Complements My Natural Scent?

Finding the perfect perfume is like finding the finishing touch to a beautiful outfit- it can make all the difference! But sometimes it can be hard to know how to choose one that best complements your own personal scent. Here are some tips to help you find a perfume that will blend in naturally with your body’s natural aroma.

Step 1- Get to Know Your Own Natural Scent

Before you start shopping for a new perfume, it’s important to have an understanding of what your own natural scent smells like. Take a whiff of your wrists and neck and note the characteristics of the smell – its freshness, its sweetness, etc. This will help you pick out notes or scents from a perfume that complement the smell of your body.

Step 2- Identify the Fragrance

Once you’ve become familiar with your natural scent, you can begin comparing it to different types of perfumes. Most perfumes fall under categories such as: Fruity, Floral, Fresh, Citrus and Woody. Take your natural scent and try to identify what type it falls under. This will help narrow down your search for the perfect one.

Step 3- Look For Complementary Notes

Once you know the type of fragrance you’re looking for, the next step is finding complementary notes that will ‘subdue’ your natural scent. Here’s a general guide on which notes usually match up well with certain types of scents:

  • Fruity – Rose, Sandalwood and Musk.
  • Floral – Vanilla, Amber and Citrus.
  • Fresh – Musk, Cardamom and Jasmine.
  • Citrus – Cedarwood, Patchouli and Lavender.
  • Woody – Citrus, Fruity and Floral.

Step 4- Try Out Different Scents

Now that you know what type of fragrance and notes would work best with your natural scent, it’s time to actually start trying things out! Sometimes perfumes may smell different once applied to skin rather than directly from the bottle, so take advantage of store samples or ask for a few testers before heading out for the real deal.

Once you find the perfect perfume that complements your body odor, don’t forget to ask for advice from experts at fragrance retailers who will also be able to provide guidance in finding something special. Good luck and enjoy!

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