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How do I apply perfume correctly?

How do I apply perfume correctly?

How To Apply Perfume Correctly

Fragrance can be a wonderful, personal accessory to any look. But it’s important to use perfumes the right way — or else you’ll be receiving unwanted attention. Here are some tips on how to apply perfume correctly.

1. Don’t Apply Too Much

The biggest perfume mistake you can make is applying too much. You should select one to two places to apply perfume — places that come in contact with your body heat, such as your wrists, behind your ears, and the crook of your elbow. Place just one or two drops in each of these areas, and sprinkle gently.

2. Fragrance Lasts Longer On Dry Skin

You can create a longer-lasting effect on your skin by making sure it’s dry when you apply. So make sure to wait for about two minutes after showering before you spritz on your fragrance.

3. Don’t Rub Fragrance Into Your Skin

You can sometimes find videos online advocating for rubbing fragrances into your skin — don’t do this! This can actually disrupt the molecular structure of the scent, which will greatly reduce its smell. Plus, if you rub it into your skin, it may end up overpowering those near you.

4. Understand the Notes Of A Fragrance

Each perfume has top notes, mid-notes, and base notes. Top notes are what hit your nose after immediately after spritzing perfume, while mid notes follow a few minutes later. The base notes come together once the fragrance starts to dry out and linger on your skin.

5. Store Perfume In A Cool And Dry Place

Make sure you also store your perfume in a cool and dry place because exposure to light and warm temperatures can ruin the composition of fragrances over time.


When using perfumes to accentuate your look, it’s important to understand how to apply them correctly so that you enjoy their aroma without overwhelming those around you – or yourself! Follow these tips and you won’t need worry about getting unwanted attention when spritzing your favorite scent!

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