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How can I find a dupe for a rare perfume?

How can I find a dupe for a rare perfume?

Finding a dupe for a rare perfume

If you find a rare perfume that you love but can’t afford or can’t get it anywhere, there will be a chance of finding a dupe – or something very similar. Here are some ways to try and find a perfect alternative to the rare perfume you crave:

1 – Think about fragrance families

There are seven main types of fragrance families: oriental, floral, fresh, woody, spicy, fougere and chypre. Knowing which type your perfume belongs to will help to narrow down the search for an alternative. If the perfume you like is floral, then look for something else in the same family and consider what other ingredients you smelled – was it pear, jasmine or maybe lily? By focusing on one main ingredient and searching for others in the same category, you’ll be able to find something as close as possible.

2 – Shop around

Don’t just look in one place – if you’re looking for something truly unique, you might have to search around. Check out internet forums which have reviews on fragrances, local department stores and niche perfumeries. It’s also worth asking friends and family who may have come across something similar in their travels or who might know where to look.

3 – Consider dupes online

The internet is filled with sites that offer dupes of designer perfumes. They may not be exact replicas of the original but they could offer something similar at a fraction of the price. Take notes on what fragrances seem to match up with what you’re looking for – then hunt them out and try sample sizes before making a commitment to buying something full-sized.

4 – Consider creating your own dupe

Although this can be more time intensive, it’s worth considering creating your own dupe if you can. Start by purchasing some fragrance oils and see how they interact with each other – then narrow it down until it smells close enough to the original scent. You can also read online tutorials from those who have had success in creating their own fragrances, which could help steer you in the right direction.


Finding a dupe for a rare perfume doesn’t have to be impossible – with enough research and experimentation, you should be able to find (or even make!) a fragrance that comes close enough to your scent of choice. Have fun with it and keep your options open – this is your chance to create something entirely unique!

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