The Art of Scent

Can perfumes be used to attract certain types of people?

Can perfumes be used to attract certain types of people?

Can perfumes be used to attract certain types of people?

When it comes to perfumes, some people might wonder if there is a certain type of scent that would work best for attracting specific types of people. It turns out, several studies have shown that certain fragrances may indeed be more appealing to certain types of people.

The Science Behind Attraction through Perfumes

In the study conducted by psychologist Laura Berman, two groups of ten women were asked to smell samples of colognes. It was found that when a different set of women smelled the cologne those in the first group liked the most, they had higher ratings than those in the second group did. Even when the scent was not familiar, the subjects still demonstrated greater attraction towards the scent they found more pleasing.

This suggests that fragrances have a definite effect on subconscious attraction in humans and that certain types of perfume are suited for specific categories of people.

Types of Perfumes for Different Types of People

  • Sporty Types: A light, citrus-based scent is recommended for sporty types. Citrus notes such as bergamot, lemon and lime can be uplifting and invigorating.
  • Romantics: If you’re trying to attract more romantic types, a clean white floral scent would likely be more appealing than an artificial fruity one. Examples of white flowers include jasmine, lily, and gardenia.
  • Classy Folks: Musky aromas with woody base notes usually carry a more refined and sophisticated vibe. Examples include sandalwood, amber and patchouli.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all fragrance as everyone’s tastes are different and unique. Different fragrances will set off different reactions in people and understanding which fragrances are best suited for different occasions can help you choose a fragrance that will work best for your particular circumstances.

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