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Can I wear perfume to a job interview?

Can I wear perfume to a job interview?

Can I Wear Perfume to a Job Interview?

Although fashion and beauty choices should generally not be the focus of any job interview, many people wonder if wearing a bit of perfume could be beneficial. The answer depends on several factors.

Your Interviewer’s Preference

The most important factor to consider is your interviewer. Some people are sensitive to strong smells and fragrances, so it’s important to understand the guidelines before you spritz on any perfumes. If your interviewer has indicated that they do not wish to smell perfume or cologne during the meeting, it is important to respect their wishes and go fragrance-free.

Smell Appropriate

If you decide to wear a scent, it is important that it is subtle and appropriate for the industry, location, and occasion. Workplace rules can vary widely, so you’ll want to take all of these factors into account when selecting your perfume. Additionally, avoid anything too heavy or sweet.

Think About Distribution

When selecting a fragrance, consider how widely it will distribute. Stronger scents can linger in the air and spread quickly, so spritz lightly and keep a window open if possible to ensure that it does not become overwhelming. Keep in mind that some components of certain fragrances may settle into fabric or furniture for hours after the scent is first sprayed.

Do Not Overdo It

No matter how delightful a certain scent may be, remember to keep it subtle. The goal should be for people to smell the scent initially but forget about it by the end of the interview–not have it follow them out of the room! Additionally, you should:

  • Stay away from overpowering synthetic perfumes.
  • Avoid any scents that are too heavy or sweet.
  • Spray lightly.
  • Keep a window open while wearing perfume.

Overall, the decision whether or not to wear perfume in an interview depends on both the interviewer’s preference and your own personal judgement. If you select an appropriate scent and maintain appropriate levels of distribution, wearing a bit of fragrance could help enhance your presentation–but always use caution to ensure your interviewer remains comfortable.

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