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Can I mix perfume dupes to create a new scent?

Can I mix perfume dupes to create a new scent?

Creating a New Scent with Perfume Dupes

Perfume dupes, or fragrance dupes, are scents that are similar to designer stores. They are typically offered in the same type of bottle and bottle size as the designer version but at a more affordable price. It has been a popular way to gain access to fragrances that may be out of some people’s budget range. But can you mix a few perfume dupes yourself and create an entirely new scent?

Creating an Original Perfume Dupe Blend

Mixing perfume dupes together can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favorite perfume dupes: Choose at least two scents that you think will blend well together.
  • Empty bottles for mixing: Create a small sample bottle so that you don’t waste too much of either scent.
  • Measuring tools: Measure out equal parts of each scent to get the perfect combination.

Once you have all the items you need, start blending until you get the scent you desire. You can keep adding drops of different fragrances until you’re happy with your custom blend. If it turns out well, beautiful! You now have your very own original dupe perfume blend.

Risks of Mixing Perfume Dupes Together

Mixing magazine dupes together can be tricky, depending on the ingredients and how they react with other ingredients. Some fragrances may not mix well together and could overpower each other. Make sure to only mix a few drops at a time so that you can control how strong your final blend is. Also, some scents may not last as long as they normally would if mixed with other scents, so keep that in mind when creating your blend.


Creating a unique scent by mixing perfume dupes together is definitely possible with the right tools and knowledge. Just remember to always start small and take notes in case you mix something that’s not quite perfect for the next time around. With a little experimentation, you’ll have your own signature scent in no time!

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